Acu-Detox helps people prepare for the future not merely cope with the past

In Memory of Dr Michael O Smith

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I have been fortunate to known Dr Michael Smith for many years; and have met on many occasions, in the UK and in lots of different countries at NADA conferences.…

The History of the NADA 5-point Acupuncture Protocol

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                 The History of the NADA 5-point Acupuncture Protocol The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) is a not-for-profit training and advocacy organisation, encouraging community wellness through the use of a…

What is Nada Acu-Detoxification?

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What is Acu-Detoxification? Acu-Detoxification is a modality that assists recovery in many ways.

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substance abuse

Can crime associated with drug addiction be reduced with Acupuncture?

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One of the UK’s biggest problems relating to drug addiction is the crime associated with feeding a habit. This has led some people to suggest that up to half of…

Acu-Detox Evaluation Report 2015

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With the pressure of services in England having their budgets slashed and services closing due to government cuts, acu-detox protocols could be used in many different settings and also in…
Training Workshops

 Training Workshops

We provide training in NADA 5-Point Acu-detox protocols.

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Holistic Services Insurance

UK Practitioner cover for all Therapy Practitioners from

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NADA Scotland Website

NADA Scotland aims to make Acu-detox an integral part of “the new drug strategy for Scotland”.

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Benefits of Acupuncture Detoxification

Biochemical Benefits

Assists with endorphin production for the capacity to cope with stress/craving.

Psychological Benefits

Acts as a balancing component, with the client’s internal resources strengthened for enhanced sense of vitality and well being.

Social Benefits

Lets the client engage in treatment in a non-threatening way with few verbal commands.

Supports The Counselling Process

Cheerful and co-operative atmosphere reduces violence and conflict.

Especially Effective for Clients who:

Are in emotional distress, anxiety, depression, acute or post-acute withdrawal.

Supports Administrative Process

Rapid, inexpensive and does not require medical setting. Very cost effective.