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Training Workshop Programme

NADA Acu-Detox 5-day Workshop Programme

  • Origins of Nada 5 point ear acupuncture protocol for chemical dependency treatment.
  • Demonstration of ear acupuncture.
  • Basic theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine and its relevance to chemical dependency.
  • The concepts of Qi and experiencing Qi.
  • Health and Safety precautions, sterile field and technique.
  • Locating active points.
  • Needling technique and practice.
  • Logic and reason of 5-point detoxification protocol.
  • Significance for relapse prevention, recovery and long term rehabilitation.
  • Detoxification and Relaxation herbal teas.
  • Location and atmosphere of group treatment settings.
  • Qi Gong for personal development and client relaxation.
  • Pitfalls and problem solving.
  • Integration into specific types of treatment settings, in-patient or out-patient, prison drug reduction program.
  • Research findings.
  • Assessment and Evaluation.
  • Certification and Insurance.
  • Clinical management and Supervision of client treatments. All trainees must demonstrate their clinical proficiency in order to receive Nada certification.
  • Trainees must demonstrate sensitivity, supportive and non-judgmental manner and be able to appreciate silence.
Glasgow Training Workshop

Training, Management & Clinical Supervision

The 5-day workshop will include Theory and Practice of acu-detox. The relevance of Chinese medicine in relation to chemical dependency. Hands on practice with the Nada 5 points. Follow up of clinical management and supervision of treatments with groups, volunteers and other trainees. Health and safety issues form a vital element of training.