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Can Alcoholism be treated with Acupuncture

An old proverb says “First, the man takes a drink; then the drink takes a drink; then the drink takes the man.” I was that man and with the help of acupuncture, I am taking back my life.
I have “enjoyed” what I believe to be reasonable success after 21 sessions within a four week period in December with a weekly follow-up of one session per week ever since. My alcoholic compulsion is markedly reduced with the side benefit of elevated vigour and more energy from day to day.
Plus, I have had relief from the usual pain I experience from arthritis caused by degenerative cartilage in both knees – pretty severe condition, too, as I have entertained having replacement surgery before this recent development of relief from pain by acupuncture treatments.
Hence, I have become somewhat of a new disciple of acupuncture with zeal to learn more – especially with regard to the success had by some in tempering alcoholic compulsion. I believe it is particularly effective to the recovering alcoholic who is relapse prone who has made conscientious and earnest effort in trying to recover but continues to succumb to whatever forces cause him/her to pick up that first drink again.
Of course, I have no inner personal assurance to myself that I will not be weak again, but I believe if I continue to do the usual and simple things suggested by AA, I feel I can expect a less trying recovery with my newly affected condition that I attribute to the acupuncture treatments.
I literally do not have the compulsion or craving. An occasional thought of drinking passes by with no pangs or lingering thoughts. It just passes by as if by providence – I prefer to think this, too, is responsible for my relief. Maybe my final surrender to the disease was, in fact, the real need met. Going for such a radical (by Western standards) course of action – acupuncture – I may have become treatable. Nevertheless, I cannot deny the most compelling awareness of all of this being the result of the treatments regardless of how non-conforming it may be by the usual standard of Western culture/medicine practice.
I’m not just “some old convert” who’s newly sober – I’m an old drunk who’s found a new tool to help me stay sober one day at a time! With temperate judgment of the use of acupuncture as an ancillary to AA’s twelve-step program, it really seems to help guard against PAWS – it almost seems to remove them. PAWS means “Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome.” which includes:
1. inability to think clearly
2. emotional over reactions
3. memory problems
4. sleep disturbances
5. physical coordination problems
6. problems in managing stress
I recently read about a doctor who said that the only necessary proof of acupuncture’s worth was the very fact that IT WORKED. Period. Not that one should expect scientific rationale or “western” methodology. No. It just works. Not in every case, but neither do western solutions (cures) always answer their call. So? If it works, use it – enjoy – heal. Accept. I did, and I continue to do so… One day at a time.